The Difference

Only Lou Solis

Is serving at the top level of leadership at the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

Is endorsed by Sheriff Butch Conway and is building upon the successful programs implemented, also working to save Gwinnett County tax dollars

Implemented “The Barracks,” a nationally recognized program providing incarcerated veterans with structure and discipline similar to the military

Serves on the Georgia Board of Corrections and FBI Terrorism Task Force and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Class 237

Is implementing programs to address the mental health issues of incarcerated persons

Protects 287g, the dynamic anti-crime initiative that authorizes our Sheriff’s Office to detain serious criminals who are arrested and be deported by ICE if they are found to be illegal immigrants

Is working, as the Chief Deputy of Operations, to keep Gwinnett County a safe place to live and do business

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Exploring innovative rehabilitation programs to address the opioid and mental health issues of incarcerated persons


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